Healing with Music

Humm.ly is the first music-focused wellness app. We are the
first to combine music therapy and mindfulness techniques
for immersive and customizable music listening.

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Why Us

We are an American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) affiliated company.

Cure with Music

We are the first and only wellness app that integrates music therapy techniques to assist in mindfulness practices.

High Quality

We pride ourselves on our music quality: All of our episodes are studio recorded and produced by world-class producers. We like to compare our pieces to musical compositions - all of our content is original.

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We are the only wellness app that uses Guided Imagery (GI) and Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR). GI is typically only used in clinical settings; however, all of Humm.ly’s content has been reviewed by certified music therapists.

Peace in Mind

Music prepares the mind for relaxation, and we aim to normalize mindfulness practice using music.

Science behind Music

Music is therapy

Music is a therapeutic medium that can effectively function for a variety of clinical needs of persons of all ages. Music can be used with guided imagery to produce altered states of consciousness that help uncover hidden emotional responses and stimulate creative insights.

How does music change us

There is strong scientific evidence supporting the wide use of music therapy for mood enhancement, anxiety/stress relief, and prevention of complications of chronic diseases, according to Natural Standard research. Scientists have proved that people who listen to music frequently complete their tasks more quickly and came up with better ideas than those who don't. Music eased people’s stresses; as a result, they tend to think more sharply and creatively, work more collaboratively with peers, and be more productive.

Why we are professional

All our content is created by world-class producers with a team of board-certified music therapists and Stanford experts.