by Steve Olenski
March 15. 2018
Why Every CMO Should Promote Employee health and Wellness
CMOs and all leaders need to realize the importance and signaficance of having healthy team members.

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by Shruti Gupta
February 26. 2018
The New Innovative App “” Provides Therapy and Healing Through the Form of Music founded by Joanna Yu who is a musician and entrepreneur, is an innovative app that provides healing through music . . .

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by Tomas Laurinavicius
December 11. 2017
Trusted Meditation Experts Explain Why You Should Start Meditating In 2018
It's been two years since my 10-day silence meditation experience and I can tell you that it has changed my life for good . . .

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by Diana Maack Gauthier
November 18, 2017
Self-Care Wellness And Music: There’s An App For That
From smart alarm clocks that can monitor your sleep cycle to using fitness and activity trackers, health and wellness apps claim to help you improve your life . . .
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Oсtober 24, 2017
Mobile Music Therapy: App Will Chill You Out
This app might be first ever to use professional music therapy, integrated with music and health data, to help your moods and be more mindful . . .

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by Appadvice
Oсtober 24, 2017
The first music-focused wellness app is the first music-focused wellness app. We are the first to combine music therapy and mindfulness techniques for . . .

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